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We invest in projects and companies that are bold, fearless, redefine the status quo and create disruptive technologies that simply can not be ignored. Blockchain technologies will revolutionize many archaic industries and bring in the next generation of changes.  

Core Beliefs

Crypto Legacy Venture Capital Inc.

Our Venture Capital firm was founded in Toronto Canada with the goal of backing bold projects and entrepreneurs who want to bring revolutionary changes to every sector of society.

Blockchain technology is transforming how the world communicates and functions.  From finances, art, music, insurance to gaming (just to name a few sectors) crypto is building the future of technology and how we live in real time. We believe that crypto will fundamentally change the way we interact in our daily lives similar to how the internet changed the way we communicate.

We are at the start of this revolution and Crypto Legacy is taking an active role in this ecosystem of connecting investors to entrepreneurs, developers, marketing, media experts to technical and financial leaders who want to make a difference in this space.

We want to help projects and companies grow within this space, projects that solves real world problems and create value for the world economy.


Our Story

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We use an in depth approach when evaluating potential projects

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Investment Opportunities

If you are creating a project and feel that our investment philosophy is the right fit for your company we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us.


Toronto, Canada


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